HT Professional Recorder


Voice Capture System for the Apple iPhone

HappyTalk's advanced features can improve your work experience, making it much easier to take notes, track your thoughts, and keep records:

  1. BulletHappyTalk allows you to simply organize notes taken by the recorder.  You can mark segments of interest for later review with a single touch.  Bookmarks can be easily added during recording as well as during playback.

  2. BulletSpeed-up and slow-down playback to facilitate quick review of bookmarked notes, and to enable careful review of important conversations.

  3. BulletAdvanced sound processing provides three recording modes: "Very close to phone", "Conference Room", and 'Auditorium'.  'Conference Room" mode captures conversations clearly even when some participants are located far away (3+ meters) from the phone, while other participants are near the phone.  'Auditorium' mode is great for capturing lectures or conferences.

  4. BulletExisting recordings can be extended at any time.  So when you think of a new 'Thing to do', you can add it to the end of your existing 'Things to do' recording.  This greatly simplifies work flow by keeping everything that relates to a topic (shopping lists, ‘To Do’ lists, ideas, client-specific notes, etc.) together in one place.

  5. BulletHigh-speed upload to your home computer via local-area network web browser, via E-mail, or via FTP, permits easy archiving and sharing of recordings.

  6. BulletOperates for hours on a single phone battery charge.  Uses graphics sparingly to provide extended battery life.

  7. BulletContinues recording even when the screen is turned off. 

  8. BulletHappyTalk is not able to record while the iPhone is being used to make telephone calls.

"HappyTalk Recorder", "HT Professional Recorder”, and  “HT Lite Recorder” are trademarks of Applied Voices LLC.  Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Copyright (c) 2009 Applied Voices LLC

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